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Mehmet Selcuk Bilge

Writer, producer and director, born in Istanbul, 1983. 

After graduating in International Relations from Sakarya University, Mehmet Selcuk studied Radio-TV and Cinema at Istanbul University, receiving his Master's degree with a thesis entitled "Utopia and Dystopia in Cinema: Semiological Analysis of Children of Men". His short films competed in prominent festivals in Turkey and around world, and he won the DocuTIFF Best Balkan Film Award with his documentary,“Rotten” in 2016. Besides being a filmmaker he also works as an acting coach for several cinema schools in Turkey since 2007. His first feature film, Incubation, had its world premiere at Istanbul Film Festival in 2018. The first theatre play he wrote, “Human Sadness" had the Best Play Award at Kadıköy Municipality Playwriting Competition in 2018. The first story he wrote "Border Breach" had the Second Prize at Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar Literary Awards in 2020. Mehmet Selcuk completed his second feature film "Fragments From Another World" in 2021.

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